We can help you compile the correct documentation for ATEX product certification.

EX-Consulting can help and support manufacturers to develop ATEX Technical Files to support your company’s EC declaration of conformity for their products.

EX-Consulting can help design and certify ATEX products and consequently has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in this area. Let our experienced engineers guide you through the hazardous area certification process and provide practical advice throughout the product development and design lifecycle.

This service is suitable for manufacturers who:

  • Require support or extra resource to develop technical files in order to maintain rapid product introduction to the market
  • Need support in overcoming difficult and complex certification and compliance issues
  • Require an independent review of the technical file prior to the file being stored and retained by a notified body

What are technical files?

A requirement of ATEX 2014/34/EU the technical file is produced to support:

  • EC-Type Examination of a product design
  • Internal Control of Production of the product
  • Unit Verification of a piece of equipment/assembly

A technical file is a requirement for electrical and non-electrical equipment made up of all the documentation necessary to back up a manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the ATEX Product Directive (2014/34/EU). This includes a full description of the equipment and the results of the appropriate conformity assessment. The document should be constructed in such a way that it will withstand scrutiny, whilst ensuring the requirements of the ATEX Product Directive are met. The technical file should also document the design, manufacture and operation of the equipment or protective system so that it can be clearly understood.

The ATEX Product Directive list six aspects to include:

A General Description, including, type identification , performance information, an outline description providing sufficient detail such that the product and any associated specific interfaces can be recognized and made clear.

Design and manufacturing drawings, layouts, schedules, etc. from a manufacturers perspective this must be clear and concise whilst demonstrating compliance with the directive, but developed in such a way that accuracy can retained for the life of equipment with minimal change.

Descriptions and explanations necessary to understand the drawings and the operation of the product. These details are normally spreads across the description, drawings ( with extensive notes), installation, maintenance and operating instructions. This aspect is particularly relevant if the equipment has Special Conditions for Safe Use that may refer to Lists of standards or other solutions demonstrating that the product design meet the EHSRs of the directive, in addition to Calculations, Examinations and Test Results.



Experience and knowledge

Our engineers have significant experience of developing and certifying products and assemblies for potentially explosive atmospheres from the smallest components, through to complex fixed and mobile machinery and assemblies. No project is too big or small.

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