DSEAR Training Courses (for UK)

hazardous-area-training3DSEAR (The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations of 2002) is a UK Statutory Instrument implementing the European ATEX User Directive (99/92/EC) and the safety related aspects of the Chemical Agents Directive (98/24/EC).

Primary focus of this legislation is to manage the risk associated with workplaces containing potentially explosive atmospheres with a fundamental aim of protecting people.

For personnel exposed to these risks and those involved in the safe management and verification of workplaces, training and competency is a legal requirement under DSEAR.

EX-Consulting are regularly engaged to help organisations manage DSEAR Compliance. Our professional training gives us the opportunity to pass on to you some our vast knowledge and experience. All of our trainers are practising consultants in the field of Fire and Explosion Safety.

About DSEAR Courses

DSEAR courses are delivered at customers' premises, or a venue of choice.

  • Hazardous Area Classification and Risk Assessment (2 Day Training Course)

    This 2 day course is suitable for anyone requiring the necessary training to undertake Risk Assessments and Hazardous Area Classifications to ensure compliance. The course covers semi-quantitative approaches to assess risk in potentially explosive atmospheres, in addition to covering the requirements of IEC/EN 60079-10-1, IEC/EN 60079-10-2 referencing industry codes such as IGEM SR25, IP15 amongst others. 

  • Hazard awareness of Combustible Dusts (1 Day)

    A 1 day course targeted at those who need an understanding of combustible dust hazards, how to manage them with the aim of demonstrating DSEAR Compliance.

  • DSEAR Awareness, Risk Assessment and Safe Practice (1 Day) Training Course

    1 day awareness level course suitable for anyone new or needs an overview of DSEAR and ATEX 137 governing safe working in hazardous areas, in addition to how to effectively manage risks within potentially explosive atmospheres.