An independent review of hazardous area management processes, facilities and installations.

Comprehensive and Professional Assessment of Fire and Explosion Risk is an essential pre-requisite for any organisation to effectively manage personnel, property and business risk.

Our Competency Verified Consultants have the skill and experience to develop effective, realistic area classification, knowing what control measures can be applied and when these measures will be cost effective, whilst reducing risk and ongoing maintenance costs.

Explosion safety verification to confirm the workplace can operate safely in accordance with DSEAR.

Equipment operating in hazardous areas has the potential to be the source of an ignition. Equipment inspections help to ensure the required level of safety.

We can support small hazardous area projects through to large multi-site projects over many regions.

Engage EX-Consulting experts to support your Ex projects helping to effectively manage fire and explosion risk.

We provide a range of services to help companies effectively manage fire and explosion risk whilst demonstrating legal compliance to European Directives and National Regulations. The services are focused towards companies with specific compliance needs or new projects that may require legal compliance and, or engineering support to help you achieve the required level of safety.

Ex-Consulting can help with either the specific elements, such as Workplace Risk Assessments or Area Classifications or manage complete projects to help you meet the requirements of ATEX 137 or DSEAR (dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations 2002) and become fully compliant.

If you require assistance and support with existing facilities to maintain compliance Ex-Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services to support you.