The purpose of verifying the overall explosion safety is to confirm the workplace can operate safely in accordance with the ATEX User Directive and associated EU member state legislation such as DSEAR.

The aim of this verification is to identify the documentation, activities and inspections required prior to and during the commissioning of a plant, in order to verify the explosion safety of the plant in accordance with Reg 7(4) of DSEAR.


DSEAR Reg 7 applies to places where explosive atmospheres may occur.

Reg 7(4) states, Before a workplace containing places classified as hazardous pursuant to paragraph 1 (Requirement to Classify areas that are hazardous) is used for the first time, the employer shall ensure that its overall explosion safety is verified by a person who is competent in the field of explosion protection as a result of his experience or any professional training or both.

Employers responsibility to verify explosion safety

The employer must ensure:

  • The work equipment in the hazardous area is safe.
  • Protective systems associated with these areas are suitable.
  • Work activities have been designed so they can be carried out safely.

The purpose of verifying the overall explosion safety is to confirm the workplace can operate in accordance with DSEAR.

Explosion safety verification report

The Verification Report must answer the following questions:

  1. What are the hazardous properties and quantities of the dangerous substances used?
  2. Are the plant, equipment and protective systems selected suitable for operating in explosive atmospheres?
  3. Are work processes, operating procedures and systems of work adequate to ensure the safety of personnel, operating, cleaning and maintaining the plant?
  4. Are the control measures applied effective in: Preventing the formation of explosive atmospheres? Controlling the risks from explosive atmosphere? Mitigating the effects of an explosion?
  5. Are the emergency arrangements in place effective?


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