Our Competency Verified Consultants have the skill and experience to develop effective, realistic area classification, knowing what control measures can be applied and when these measures will be cost effective, whilst reducing risk and ongoing maintenance costs.

What is hazardous area classification?

hazardous-area-classification2Hazardous area classification (HAC) involves the systematic review of plant and operations. The results define hazardous area zones where potentially explosive atmospheres may develop and persist. The process is a design challenging tool used to effectively manage fire and explosion risk in the workplace. The zone classification defines the standard of equipment required to effectively control ignition sources in the area.

Hazardous area classification by EX-Consulting

EX-Consulting conducts hazardous area classifications for businesses of all sizes and type all over the world. Either independently or as technical specialist as part of a customer's team.

We can also provide CAD drawing support.

When is hazardous area classification needed?

Hazardous area classification is a legal requirement. The ATEX User Directive and the implementing EU member state legislation mandates the use of area classification to determine hazardous area zones which defines a minimum standard of ATEX Categorised Equipment.


Hazardous area classification is used as a risk management tool by any business that handles potentially flammable material to determine the probabililty of an explosive atmosphere developing in an area. Area Classification is commonly applied to:

  • New builds to support explosion safety verification
  • Facilities using or handling flammable material subject to significant modification OR
  • Existing sites looking to demonstrate legal compliance


hazardous-area-classification3EX-Consulting's consultants are experienced in the application of many International Standards, European standards and industry codes used in the field of area classification. These include:

  • EN 60079-10-1 (Gases and Vapours)
  • EN 60079-10-2 (Combustible Dusts)
  • IGEM SR/25 (Natural Gas)
  • IP15 , API RP 500 and 505
  • Industry Codes


Please contact one of our hazardous area consulting team to discuss further.


Experience of almost all high risk industries

Our Consultants have extensive, practical and professional experience in a wide range of industries including, Petrochemical, Power, Pharmceutical, Chemical Processing and Manufacture, Water, Waste, Aerospace and Cosmetics, amongst many others.

Complementary services

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  • Risk Assessments
  • Area Classification
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Hazardous Area Project Support
  • Explosion Safety Verification Support
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