Ignition Risk Assessment Services provided to manufacturers to support product certification and end users to support continued use of uncertified equipment.

equipment-ignition-risk-assessment2Electrical or non electrical equipment with potential to become an ignition source operating in formally classified areas but is not appropriately certified, must be either

  • Replaced with an appropriately certified item OR
  • Relocated outside of the hazardous area OR
  • Assessed for continued use to ensure the equipment cannot become a potential ignition source.

EX-Consulting provides pragmatic, realistic equipment ignition risk assessments which, in many cases, provide a cost effective, alternative to replacing equipment in the field.


Please contact one of our hazardous area consulting team to discuss further.


Experience of almost all high risk industries

Our consultants have extensive, practical and professional experience in a wide range of industries including, Petrochemical, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Processing and Manufacture, Water, Waste, Aerospace and Cosmetics, amongst many others.

Complementary services

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  • Risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Area Project Support
  • Explosion Safety Verification Support
  • Technical Advice