We can support all sizes of hazardous area projects over multi-sites and regions

EX-Consulting has the expertise, resource and capability to execute, plan and manage complete ATEX and DSEAR compliance projects for new or significant modifications to workplaces, facilities and installations.

Experienced consultants and project managers will help you meet timescales and reduce cost by ensuring access to appropriate specialist expertise when you need it, allowing projects to run smoothly. Engage us on hour, day or project rate basis. Some of services that can be offered include:

Development of specifications and tender documents

We can help develop your specification and tender documents for Facilities or Equipment involving fire and explosion risk involving the application of EX protected equipment, systems and assemblies, ensuring that your documents are written to suit your needs, whilst ensuring you meet your legal requirements.

Assistance with supplier selection

Finding and engaging the correct supplier can be a difficult and time consuming, inappropriate selection can severely impact cost, timescales and the overall fire and explosion safety of a project. EX-Consulting's wealth of knowledge and experience of operating in the field of explosion safety will help you select and engage, suppliers and contractors with appropriate ability and experience to ensure the successful, timely and cost effective executions of your projects.

Facility acceptance support

We can help develop your facility acceptance requirements and provide ATEX design authority support, ensuring documentation, assemblies and installations, involving EX products comply with the required harmonised standards and meet essential European and national legal requirements.

Technical arbitration & Independent Review

From experience we know that sometimes what customers think they have specified and what a supplier actually provides may be two different things, even though all are working from the same documentation and appear to have the same understanding before commencing any work. To prevent endless dispute and negotiations these situations can sometimes be resolved by engaging experts to provide an independent view. EX-Consulting can provide you with expert consultants to help to efficiently conclude such issues.

Verification to first use

Before a facility or installation utilising dangerous substances is used for the first time the explosion safety of the location must first be assured. This verification process is essential in terms of a company’s fire and explosion risk management to protect their investment and meet legal requirements under the ATEX User Directive 137 and associated national legislation such as DSEAR. It is vital than the process is completed independently with competent personnel in the field of explosion protection, both of which are assured when selecting EX-Consulting.

Experience of almost all industries

Our Consultants have extensive, practical and professional experience in a wide range of industries including, Petrochemical, Power, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Processing and Manufacture, Water, Waste, Aerospace and Cosmetics, amongst many others.

Complementary services

  • Hazardous Area Auditing
  • Risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Area Project Support
  • Explosion Safety Verification Support
  • Technical Advice